Our mission is to get people up and active, living a life they’re proud of.

From the beginning of our journey establishing and growing Handi Capable Fitness, we’ve dedicated ourselves to encouraging people to get out and active, living a life they can feel proud of. Along the way, bodies become stronger, better and able to push harder.

But being a Handi Capable Athlete isn’t just about losing weight, getting stronger or even improving physical fitness.

A Handi Capable athlete is someone who sees beyond their challenges and has the courage to be active. It’s not about how good you are at what you do or whether you win the race. Being a Handi Capable athlete is about getting out and taking action, no matter what.

And it’s about inspiring others along the way to do the same.

We believe:

• Everyone deserves to live a life they’re proud of.

• No challenge can stop you from doing the amazing things you want to.

• Physical activity strengthens both the mind and body.

• Encouraging others to get out and active is part of improving your own life.

Handi Capable Fitness is a soon to be nonprofit organization that raises money and awareness for adaptive athletes of all kind. I’m good friends with the founder James Norris and he’s dedicated his life time and money to help Handicapable athletes of all shapes, sizes and challenges. Any money raise will go directly to that cost. It also serves as a resource for people who have been injured through Trumatic events in their life. They provide some direction as well as guidance and companionship.
— Muji Karin (Muji Blades)
I have been an adamant supporter of Handi Capable Fitness long before I personally knew James as a friend and mentor. What makes his organization stand out, and why I gravitated towards him as a competitive athlete, is every day he uses Handi Capable Fitness to highlight adaptive athletes both amateur and professional. James supports the community through positive messaging of the importance of sports and physical fitness for people with disabilities and he shows how it plays a pivotal role in his own life. He sets the standard, but then he makes it about everyone else out there who is working hard and achieving their goals. James is a true mentor for us all, his daily work ethic have achieved goals so lofty that my admiration for him knows no boundaries.

I never had the opportunity to play adaptive sports as a youth and was only introduced to skiing and tennis in my late 20’s. When I realized there were many popular sports available for people with disabilities it felt like the world became that much more available for me to participate with others and be active and healthy. But adaptive sports are expensive because we need very specialized equipment and many of us need someone to accompany us while we learn and play. I am so grateful for the many organizations throughout the country who provide adaptive sports to people with disabilities. Handi Capable Fitness has the goal of helping provide not only access to adaptive sports, but equipment as well. When an organization can help someone break down all the barriers to participation in a sport, all that is left for us to do, is sign up.

James has set many personal goals for himself, and yet growing his organization to mentor and help others still remains a priority. He puts community above his personal goals. I have no doubt he will achieve both, but it is an honor to give my support to his organization. I believe in him the way he has believed in me. James highlighted my story before he knew me. I was completely humbled to be featured by an organization I so greatly admired. It only proved to me even more that this organization wants to support the community as a whole and Handi Capable Fitness is one we as a community need to support as well. I wish you the best James.
— Donna Cruz
What James has accomplished through his work at Handi Capable Fitness is pioneering and completely inspiring. James and I were first introduced 4 years ago at the world renowned Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning where I witnessed his “miraculous” progress. Initially I looked at his improvements in disbelief; his motor abilities, strength and overall fitness weren’t supposed to improve, at least not as dramatically as they had. That’s when I realized while what James’ was doing was certainly incredible, it wasn’t a miracle, nor was it impossible for other people afflicted by Cerebral Palsy to achieve similar physical improvement. James’ continued efforts will help to pave the way for anyone suffering from this terrible neurological disorder, and hopefully encourage all handicapped people, their loved-ones, family, and care-takers that pursued fitness is of the utmost importance for health and longevity.

HCF promotes a comprehensive and holistic approach to fitness that hasn’t been fully explored within the handicapped population. Handicapped sports are growing rapidly (Special Olympics, Paralympics, Special Needs Spartan Races, Power Hockey, etc). Much like we would with our athlete populations, preparation for such competitions needs to be addressed. While HCF promotes just that, it transcends specific sport preparation. The fitness improvements experienced by these handicapped athletes is undeniable, and life changing. James experienced that himself, losing 50+ pounds and teaching himself how to walk. Handi Capable Fitness doesn’t just focus on improving performance for the athlete, but training to optimize wellbeing, for every one. Prioritizing fitness can and is life changing. Thanks to James Norris & Handi Capable Fitness for embodying and shedding light on this incontrovertible truth.
— Ken Whittier, Boston Bruins